I often hear people say that the only permanent thing in this world is change. Changes happen every day in everything around us, including us; and due to these changes, uncertainties arise. For some, these are followed by anxieties, insecurities, fear and doubt. But others see these changes as opportunities to create something new; thus, they bring fun and excitement.

While change could be counted as something certain, I believe however that it is not the only one.

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Although it could be said that life itself is uncertain, there are things in it which could be considered close to what is predictable and certain. We know this by intuition. That’s why it bothers me to see people who are seem clueless when these uncertainties dawn upon them; as if they never knew about them in the first place.

At this point, you might have guessed them already. For these things could have very unpleasant if not devastating effects if not properly handled early on. These things are uncertain in nature but are bound to happen in a certain way. These things are: Taxes, Change and Death.

If you have not pondered about these things yet, or maybe you thought of these before but you chose to put them off instead, I urge you to think about them, NOW; for these things are of absolute importance. Never make the mistake of underestimating something just because you think it is “too far” from happening. Sometimes, things happen in the least expected time in the most unexpected manner.

Now, let’s take a look at them.

TAXES. Taxes are levied by the government to its citizens to properly perform its duties.

I think taxes now are permanent unlike centuries before. It all started from the Robin Hood idea – take something from the rich and give it to the poor.

We all know that civilization requires a certain form of government in order to thrive and flourish. Unless we all would want to go back to Stone Age, government and taxes are not that necessary. Besides, I doubt if governments around the world could sustain themselves without imposing taxes of any form.

Now, I know some countries in the Middle East do not have legislation on taxes. But these countries are Islam; and in Islam, they have a practice called “Zakat” – giving away a portion of your income to those who are less fortunate. In short, taxes.

Apparently, you and I are not citizens of those countries. So we are taxed when we earn, when we save, when we spend and we are taxed when we die. Oh, did I say we are taxed when we die?

Some people become crooks and don’t pay their taxes well; worse, is they justify it and blame others.

Next is..CHANGE. Do I need to say much about this? Well, some people are not willing to pay the price of change; so they continue to live in a world that no longer exists. Some are still holding onto old ideas, waiting for the good old days, hoping they will come back. There is an old saying goes: “Whatever has gotten you to where you are right now can never get you to where you want to go.”

Some see change as bad. Others see it as something good and necessary. I think change is only bad when you resent it.

I wish I could say that it is easy; but all changes involve a certain form of pain and/or discomfort. It’s alright, for life was never meant to be comfortable; it is meant for growth. The moment you think you know it all or you got it all, you’re done.

Lastly…DEATH. A dreaded subject. Most people would never want to talk about this. The downside is, they fail to become objective about it. To me, we are all going to face death in one way or another. It’s only a matter of time.

I understand most people are afraid of death. I guess this fear could be associated with some religious beliefs; that when one dies, he could be sent either to paradise or to that ocean of flames, throughout eternity. Or the fear might be coming from the unknown – “what could be on the other side?”. But practically, one could be afraid of possible poverty for those who will be left behind. For some, the fear of being unable to do all the things they want is the main issue. I believe death is just another form of change, which is completely normal.

Of course, nobody is prepared to die; but to prepare for it is a responsible thing to do. Instead of being fearful of it, why not simply enjoy life? And for practical reasons, why not start planning for your family’s security; so that they may still be able to live with dignity even after you’re gone? Or why not start living, doing what you love and stop thinking of what others might say or think of you?

Again, life is uncertain, but it is important to note that it does not simply happen to us. It is uncertain simply because we create it. We have our choices, decisions and actions. And it is what we make out of these determines who we are and what kind of life we live.

So, who do you want to be? What kind of life would you want to live or die from?

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It is my sincere hope that you got something new today. See you around.



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