I am a wheel. Hear me squeak

Focus on the good things in your life no matter  how small they are.

Count your blessings, you’ll live happily for sure.

Focus on the negative things, complain and justify

Blame other people or other things and make excuses;

You’ll definitely live a miserable life.

If you’re too afraid to take action, you’ll live a life of indecision

Standing on the side lines full of ‘what ifs’

Being happy with who and where you are

While deep inside you know you can give more

And so you go along without any idea what you are missing out on

Ignorance is bliss indeed but there’s nothing wrong with it.

There’s nothing wrong with it if that’s what you REALLY want.

Indecision brings nothing but doubt and fear.

Braggers are criticised, rejected and even hated

While whiners are given attention and sympathy

Both of which are mistaken as LOVE.

‘Tis the only comfort of the miserable

To have partners in their woes.

I am a bragger, not a whiner.


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