I know I have done things which I am not supposed to; in a similar manner that I did not do things that I should’ve done.

I know the world would never wait for me; but it’s just really a delightful feeling knowing that I am going through the process – that I am still in the process despite all the hard hits that I took from life. And I know life would continue to hit me as hard as it could. It doesn’t matter so long as I could pick myself up.

Yes, I learned a lot of things and there are much more to learn; but there is so much even more to UNLEARN.


School taught me that it is bad to make mistakes, that there is only one answer to certain questions. It gave me a lot of questions and it tested me if I could find the right answers. Whenever I got it right, I feel good about myself. Now I know that life doesn’t work that way. Life gives you tests before it gives you its lessons – that is if you think you’re not “too smart”.

The words: “Experience is the best teacher” is very much understated. We learn so much from making mistakes. While I had some winning moments in my life, they only taught me one thing: to be proud of myself; and nothing more.

I am no longer afraid to fail for I think I already failed number of times. And it is with those times that I learned a lot about life, most especially about myself. I learned how to treat people better. That is never about the title they give you. College graduates and other professionals often think they are smarter than those who never went to college. These guys even go back to school to fool themselves that they will become even smarter than their peers. On the other hand, some of those who never went to school feel they are inferior and outcast.

The more you feel smarter, the more you fear to fail; until you lose your will to try anything new. Then you start wishing and hear yourself saying “if only”. So there you go, living a life of quiet desperation. It’s very disheartening. Don’t let this happen to you. Stand up and fight for your dreams. It could always be better – we could always get better.

Most of us have that fear of poverty and being broke. Why should I? At age 25, I’ve been broke a couple of times. It doesn’t hurt so bad except my pride.

Now, I am working on the courage to let go of the life based on other people’s expectations. A remnant of the values school taught me. I need not afraid of what other people might say. Once I’m done with this, I know nothing can stop me. So, go on and continue to flap your mouths. If you cannot take care of yourself and you’re too afraid to face your own life, carry on. But let me tell you that you could never fix yourself in destroying others, ever.

Yes, I am ambitious and sometimes maybe completely out of my league. That’s because I have BIG dreams. I always believed God has all these for me. At least, I have the courage to go out and chase them; the courage to find out what I am made of.  And these are waking me up in the morning; not an alarm clock.

One thing I know for sure, the security-driven employment is fine for some people but not for me. If I am raising a family, that’s not the type of values I would want to pass on. No matter what happens, I am never coming back.

My story.

Yours Aye,

3 thoughts on “A Confession of a Young Man

  1. I’m happy to stumble on this article. After couple weeks/months not visiting this blog.

    Hope you can inspire more people. ‘Coz you do.



    1. It’s always nice to hear good things from people. I’m glad to know that you’re a regular visitor. Thanks.

      I appreciate your courage for expressing your thoughts.

      Enrico Miguel


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