I hope it is clear to you by now why you need to work on some changes. If not, I suggest you take some time to gather your thoughts; of how important it is to you. Again I tell you, it’s not going to be easy.

It was some time in October 2014 when a friend of mine introduced me into a program, which he himself had undergone. Although I instantly noticed the dramatic physical changes in him (which is really great given his age), I was not very optimistic then nevertheless.

03 Nov 2014This photo was taken on 03 Nov 2014, the day I enrolled in the program. Also was the day my first picture was taken.

To be honest in that time, I really didn’t think that I need the program, that I’m really that FAT after all (I bet many others think this way also). Mind you, I was a very big fan of McDonald’s back then. I never missed a day without grabbing something from the popular fast food chain, practically anything from Vanilla Sundae to BigMac. But I still have the guts to pretend to myself that I was doing okay, that I’m not that FAT, just a bit heavy. Talk about some form of self-conceit.

So my friend and I set up a meeting to learn more about the program. To my surprise, he was also introducing it to others who are much more on the “heavier” side than me. From that point, I realised that he’s into something big, something more than the money. He is helping people find a solution to their chronic weight concerns. I admired his position from then. Thinking of the background I have, I said to myself that once I got through the program, I will also share his work, his passion, and try to tell as many people as I can about it; so that they may know a proven way of getting healthier.

But there was the problem. The problem was, I forgot that I also had to pay to enrol on the program. My friend noticed the sudden reluctance in me as we discussed the enrolment, and so the ball was on my court. Trying to think it over, I remembered my stats taken earlier in the discussion:

Total Bodyweight: 72.3 kgs

Body Fat: 27.5%

Visceral Fat Index: 10

Body Mass Index (BMI): 25.9

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): 1619

Body Age: 40 Years Old

Skeletal Muscle: 30.7%

From this point on, it dawned on me that I was heading into trouble if I don’t do anything (that is if I’m not yet into one). I was deeply bothered, especially with my body age. I just turned 26 years old a month before that yet, my body age registered at 40 years old! Suddenly, I remembered my dad. Could it be that when he died at age 43, his body age was in the 60’s or even 70’s? I somehow relented. But still I was not able to completely convince myself that I badly needed to take action. To make thing easier, I had to think of my reasons thoroughly.

First, I know that facing the risk of going through life with the potential health issues, i.e. heart disease; far outweigh the cost of starting the program soon. What have I got to lose then? Should I first risk going through, say a heart attack before I make changes? Unfortunately, many people choose to go through it before making changes with their lives. I think it’s too much of a price to pay – the emotional toll of the uncertainty of life and death situation. Plus, if I get healthier over time, it would be priceless. I think the answer is common sense.

Second, which I think the more important reason is that, I was month away from getting married during that time. It means, I will be starting a family soon after that. I also happened to know that my wife (my fiancée back then) and I are the very first example for our children. And with regard to eating habits, I realised how terrible an example I will make. How can I possibly tell them to eat fruits, vegetables and avoid the fast food chains while I stuff myself with BigMac and French Fries? I resolved that this is out of the question. This is not about me anymore. Again, I think the answer is common sense.

I mentioned in the previous article a bit of my background and family history, yet you can see that I still had my weaknesses in me – those poor eating habits. Without these EMOTIONAL reasons, I might still be stuck today in that state of self-conceit, thinking that I’m not that fat, that there’s nothing wrong with me. Today, though I am still a fan of McDonald’s, I learned to handle it in a proper way nonetheless.

As they say, “There’s no such thing as free lunch. Everything has a price.” Personally, I believe in this statement. Although not all price are paid in terms of money. Most people are conditioned to think of money when they hear the word price. It could mean time and other non-tangible stuff. The 90-Day Program I embarked on kick-started the process of a transformation towards a healthier lifestyle. But again, there was a price I had to pay, one in money and ultimately, in TIME and DISCIPLINE. I believe I just had a bargain; for all these are a lot cheaper than days inside an ICU or a lifetime of “maintenance” drugs.

Let me hear from you!

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